Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Concerning Mass Battle Fantasy Rules

 In the little time I have devoted to the hobby, I've been dwelling on mass-battle fantasy rules. I know that skirmish games seem all the rage, but except to play with my son, I just don't really have a whole lot of interest in them. My focus in the area of fantasy is mass combat games.

I've been mulling over a number of fantasy rules sets, and in an earlier post, had a game of HOTT. My conclusion is that I'm an old-school gamer who has no problem rolling lots of dice, prefers units made up of a bunch of bases, and likes the granularity of different weapon and unit types. I cannot get into the abstraction. So many rules state in various ways that a general is not concerned with what type of armor or weapons his troops use...I get that, but it sort of takes away the color and flavor of fantasy gaming. I think the one thing these abstract rules have going for them is time. A game can be played a lot faster when things are more abstract than buckets of dice sorts of games....or will it? It seems there are as many pluses and minuses you have to consider in these rules and huge amount of focus needs to be paid on getting the units to line up perfectly. 

To me, most  more recent ancient/medieval/fantasy rules have their origins in DBA/HOTT. I can still remember the first game I played with a friend when I got the first edition of DBA (a long time ago when it first came out). We played a number of games and our feeling was..."meh." Since then, I've played either DBA or HOTT, but my feelings where the same. I think the level of abstraction found in DBA and other games like it would work very well in Age of Musket games. I will probably give these other rules a try if I have time, but I have a feeling that my views will stay the same. 

If I have time, I will post a list of the ones I like and why. 

Sunday, August 15, 2021

What I've been up to

 Hey out there. I have been doing hobby stuff, but lately, I have not had the time or really the energy to put things up on the blog. I did celebrate International Naval Wargaming day on August 6th by having a test battle using the old Sea Strike II rules. It involved four missile boats that were cardboard counters, two on each side and lasted all of 10 minutes. The Red side lost one missile boat but managed to sink the two Blue boats. I had planned to have a few more games with more ships, but it was probably 85 degrees in my garage so the desire to play another game fizzled. I liked the rules, but I don't know if I like them enough to use for my various ImagiNation campaigns. 

I have been painting a lot of 15mm fantasy in an attempt to reduce the pile. It doesn't help that I keep buying more. I am also inching forward on my 6mm American War of Independence project. I am not sure when that will start, but I have a few rule sets that I'm looking at.

One thing that is new on my blog is that I have a rules folder. I put up my home brewed science fiction skirmish rules. This is the one I use with my son. I plan to put up the fantasy version it soon. 

That is basically it.