Monday, October 14, 2019

What I Did on My Fall Break

No game-related activities while on my fall break. For three days my daughter and I repainted my son's bedroom. The prep time, plus running around to various DYI stores probably took two of the three days. The Soldier Room, as my kids call it, is so full of my son's stuff that there was no way I could get to my work bench even if I had time.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Not Quite Back into the Swing of Things

Life has really kept me away physically from gaming activities, but the old brain manages to keep working on things. I have put away the 15mm fantasy stuff for the time being to re-focus on other things. I've been pretty much living vicariously through other's blogs. Several bogs in particular have gotten the old juices flowing.

Archduke Piccolo
He's been posting a number of  ImagiNation-related posts, several of which involve WWII naval battles using some pretty simple rules. Maybe its time to dust off my old scratch-built 1/2400 ships and have some games. His most recent post (September 25th) has a planned campaign involving a modern revolution. What further caught my eye was that he mentioned Gow & Plastique's Little Cold War Rules. Will he use them? It would be neat to see them in action.

Solipsist Gaming
Pahoota has not posted much lately, but I certainly don't hold that against him. In 2013, he had a series of posts on set of simple jet combat rules called Our Space Age Airforce. In my search to fit a set of simple, quick and dirty jet fighter rules, I have been looking at his rules recently. The only thing is that there are very few stats for the various jets. Pahoota, if you are reading this, I'd like to get in touch with you concerning aircraft stats for your rules, or at least how you figured them out.

Cuba Libre! An Alt History Wargaming Blog
I've been following Just Jacks's blog for awhile. He has great AARs. Recently, he's been conducting air battles related to his ground campaign using some a modification of some fairly simple Battle of Britain rules. This is another set of potential playable rules to consider for jet combat.

If I can squeeze in them time, I hope to get back into the swing of things soon.