Sunday, October 28, 2012

Some Friends of Karl's and Bambi's

I finished several more biker gang members for the multi-player, post-apocalyptic skirmish game that I keep planning to have some Christmas holiday. I don't know if its me, or the figures, or both, but my painting skills have really gone down the tubes!  Compared to Karl and Bambi, they didn't come out that well.

First up is Zeke:

Zeke is the gang's mechanic. More muscle than brains. He was a heroclix henchman that I repainted.

Next is Gabby:

Gabby is a reluctant member of the gang. The gang found her wandering the desert, the lone survivor of a Greyhound bus that was attacked by sinister forces. She is often scared of the events that occur but manages to fight her way out of things. I didn't intend for her to look freaked out, but it seems to fit her. Again, another heroclix

Last is Caleb:

Caleb is the self-appointed leader of the gang. He speaks few words, but there is a mystic-like aura about him that makes everyone obey his orders. Originally, Karl was the leader, but Caleb's arrival changed all that. Secretly, Karl would jump at the chance to usurp him, but knows he holds too much sway over the gang. Even Bambi seems memorized by his words.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Fire Support Vehicles

Last week, I attended the annual Society of Vertebrate Paleontology meeting. It was a great time, especially since I didn't present anything. The down side was that my baby boy sent me off with a bad head cold! I'm sure my poor roommate now has it.  So, nothing hobby-wise got done. However, I had some recent pictures that I decided to post.

In addition to taking the pictures seen in the previous post, my daughter and I used her iPad to try some closeup shots of microarmor. I was pretty impressed. I focused on some of the fire support vehicles that Southern Chalupastan has in its arsenal.

First up is an old M36B1 tank destroyer. It is armed with a 90mm gun. GHQ has both versions. I decided to get the B1 version with the Sherman hull just because it looks distinct. The M36 was used well past WWII, into even the 90s, so I felt justified in including it as a holdover from the First Chalupastan War.

The next two are also by GHQ. They are the M56 Scorpion and the M50 Ontos. 

M56 Scorpion
The M56 was an open, air-portable, self-propelled anti-tank gun. It served in Vietnam, but was replace with the more effective M551 Sheridan. These, too, are holdovers from the First Chalupastan War.

Last but certainly not least, is the M50 Ontos. Its armed with six 106mm recoilless rifles. I seem to have a soft spot for oddball AFVs. Also, it seems like they are on display all over the place. I've seen more than one. They were supposed to be anti-tank weapons, but they were used more for  anti-infantry fire support in Vietnam, where they were well liked. As much as I like them, putting them together was a major pain! Fortunately, GHQ provided a few extra RRs in case you mess up. I didn't need them, but I could see them being needed.

The backstory on both the M50 and M56 is that they were rushed from the U. S. A. to Southern Chalupastan as stopgaps. The South was taking a beating and there was enough holdovers from the Vietnam War to quickly ship over. Both being airportable didn't hurt either.  Not included in their arsenal of FSVs is the M551 and the Ratel 90 FSV,  I'll get around to taking pictures of them sometime.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Old 25/28mm Figures and a Camera Test

Left: Citadel dwarf, Middle: Ral Partha Magician, Right: Essex knight

My daughter recently got a iPad for her birthday from her grandmother. We decided to try out the camera on some figures. You be the judge on how well they turned out. Other than crop and reduce the file size, I did no Photoshop magic on them.

I brought these three oldsters back with me from Chicago this past summer. I know the manufacturers, but have no idea what the catalog numbers are on these. I am pretty sure that the Ral Partha magician was out of a set. No, that's not highlighting on his sleeves and chin, he's just pretty banged up.