Thursday, March 24, 2022

Fantasy Painting Challenge III: Lizardman part 2

 Here he (she?) is. Turned out better than I thought it would. The figure's base had flagstone-like rocks sculpted into it, so I extended that theme onto the larger base using rocks made out of polymer clay.

Now, the challenge is not over! We decided to add some sort of terrain to go with the figure. I'm not sure what Chris is going to make, but I am thinking along the lines of some sort of totem/alter. I've been looking at various examples from the Warhammer universe for inspiration. 

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Quick Naval Game

Today, my daughter and I had a quick test game of Fast Attack Boats: a Game of the Arab-Israeli Naval War-1973. It was published in 1980 by Yaquinto Publications. This is one of their record album games. The album opens up and you have the hex board in front of you. Its compact, but once you punch out the counters storage of them is a problem. Unless you hope they don't fall out of the record jacket (I can't believe I still remember such terms), any sort of ziplock bag or envelope is going to make the jacket bend and eventually warp. This is would be a bad thing considering that the jacket is your game board.

The rules are pretty simple: move, shoot, launch missiles or torpedos, repeat. It is simpler than Sea Strike, but at the same time, its less generic. There is no detection or lock on. The only bookkeeping was to track damage. Small counters representing missiles and torpedoes avoid the need to keep track of those. There are differences between Israeli SSMs and Soviet missiles that the Egyptians and Syrians use. Ships have differences as well. Torpedoes seem worthless, but I'm sure in the right hands could make a difference. The odd thing is that missiles and torpedoes are extremely maneuverable. It is particularly weird with the torpedoes, unless wire-guided ones were common back then. The restrictions for what direction to launch your missiles or torpedoes didn't seem to matter because of this. It didn't specify in the rules, but we made up a rule that missiles and torpedoes need a designated target just like gun fire. What probably compensates for the high maneuverability is that a missile or torpedo can get to your target and still roll a miss. Damage is similar to a lot of other modern rules where there are no damage points. Instead, a ship racks up percentages of damage that accumulate. Over 40% weapon systems and propulsion start become to become an issue. Torpedo boats are an exception, they are pretty much toast if hit. There is a rule for ramming, but we didn't get to try them. There is a campaign system included.

The game lasted all of a half an hour, tops. My daughter had two Israeli missile boats that had a combined 14 Gabriel missiles! I took the Syrians with two Komar-class missile boats and four torpedo boats. Not only did they have far fewer missiles, but could only fire one at a time as opposed to two at a time. It was pretty one sided. I did manage to slightly damage one of her ships, but she leisurely sank all of mine. all my torpedo boats valiantly managed to launch their torpedoes before turning to dust by missiles. Only one torpedo managed to make it to a target but missed due to poor dice rolls. My last missile boat tried to escape, but it got beaten down enough were it was moving at only half speed. I then decided to try to ram one of her ships, but she finished me off with missiles to spare. 

I liked it in spite of a few quirks. I think it lends itself to some tinkering to beef it up and include more ships. As always, I am looking for rules and ideas to be used for my ImagiNation wars. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Fantasy Painting Challenge III: Lizardman

 My friend and I decided to do another challenge. We decided we were done with Dwarves for awhile and wanted to do something different. This time its lizardmen. I just got my order from Reaper Minis in the mail so this is an unboxing as they call it out there.

It was very difficult to choose. Reaper has pretty big variety of Lizard folk, including Dragonmen. We weren't really sure what the difference is between Lizardmen and Dragonmen. The only thing I could tell is that Dragonmen have tinier heads and longer necks, as well as more armor. This guy seems pretty cool plus he has a shield that looks like its made out of scales or scutes. 

As a freebie, I got this Reaper Bones Hobbit (?). Usually, they throw in a mystery paint bottle. Maybe this is a promotional item. I won't complain.

No, the eraser wasn't included in the order.
I couldn't resist ordering some paints. I'm really putting the love on Reaper's paints. They are very smooth and cover well. I have been disappointed with Vallejo paints the year or so. I kept getting ones that don't seem to dry no matter how long I shake them, or they "dry" very shiny. Army Painter paints are not bad, but tend to be a little on the thick side. Citadel paints are nice, but rather expensive. Plus it seems they are making a whole bunch of specialty paints whose colors I would prefer in their base line.

I'm pretty excited to start this new challenge. I already know the colors that I am going to use to paint it. It should be a good one!