Friday, August 23, 2019

Chocobos Work in Progress

I have been occupied with battling my health insurance company to pay for a least some of my hospital visit of three weeks ago. They seem to think dehydration, jaundice, and a heart arrhythmia are no big deal. Probably because of this, I've not been sleeping well lately. If I can't sleep, I might as well do something. That something is chocobo.

I was never a Final Fantasy fan, but it the idea of warriors riding large birds was sort of cool.

Then, there is Taarna the warrior riding on her bird-pterosaur-creature from the movie Heavy Metal:

So, I decided to make my own chocobos, but it took me a long time to start this project. I'm not breaking any new ground here. A gamer has his own avian army, which gave me some inspiration.

This is what I've done so far:

I used Splintered Light Miniatures' terror birds for the steeds. The riders are Essex Miniatures Tartar light bowmen. I had to pull apart the legs as much as I could, carve away some of the bird's body, and then use polymer clay for a saddle to get the bowmen to sit somewhat naturally on the bird. The bird's tack was made with glue-soaked paper. I should have made the reins thinner and they look pretty stiff, but I am not sure how else to make them. Knowing some about bird anatomy, I decided against having a bit in the mouth. Having a metal bit would probably break or damage the beak.

The next step is to paint them and then decide how I want to base them. I normally base my fantasy armies using the old WRG Ancients basing scheme, but the birds are pretty big and they don't really fit the 40mm x 30mm bases that are used for cavalry.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

A Brief Update on Life

I went to China for the last two weeks in July. It was not a trip to remember. Worst part is that I ended up in the emergency room for two days almost as soon as I touched down in Chicago.

A perfect storm of overly oily food, food poisoning, extreme heat and humidity, and having to drink far more alcohol than I wanted or normally do (nothing like endearing macho drinking customs), led to jaundice and a heart arrhythmia due to dehydration. The arrhythmia seems to be under control thanks to IV bags of water + potassium, the liver thing might be a larger problem. They ruled out hepatitis, and the liver enzymes were back to normal by the time I left the hospital, but I go for follow ups with my doctor tomorrow. I'm hoping that it was due to my lack of a gall bladder, but we will see. Frankly, I am a little nervous.

Since I have come back to Tennessee, I have been puttering around the workbench a little, but I've had mostly odd handyman jobs around the house that needed attending. I had a further scare yesterday. I was looking for some tools in my garage and for some reason, I lost my balance and fell. I am still a little achy on the left side today.

I am not a super religious man, but I'd appreciate any thoughts and prayers you can send my way.