Monday, August 25, 2014

Could These be the One?

After reading a couple of posts, two notably from Spacejacker Zero (formerly just Spacejacker), about FiveCore Skirmishing and Five Parsecs From Home, I took the plunge and bought them.
These rules have been hitting the internet, particularly TMP, but usually I am not drawn to new rule sets. But when Spacejacker endorsed them, I thought I'd get them. I have followed his blog for some time, and I trust his opinions on rules.

So far, I've only had a chance to scan the core skirmishing rules. They look fairly straight forward in terms of how they are written, but that is all I can say right now. Looking over my 15mm sci-fi, most of what I have are small teams of figures of between five and six. This seems to be the perfect number per side for these rules. I sneak in a test run this week.


  1. The "Zero" was a compulsory "surname" I had to give to Google at some point. It seems to have propagated!
    Hope you have fun, the rules have a lot of interesting touches that belie their simplicity.

  2. I'll see how it goes. I have some free time Thursday and will set up a quick game.

  3. Cheers, the author here. Let me know how it goes and if anything doesn't make sense to you and I'd be happy to help :)