Friday, May 13, 2022

Fantasy Painting Challenge III: Lizardman part 4

 I finally got the statue of the lizard deity finished. Time to pack it all up and send to my friend. I had planned to make it much more "jungley" by putting a lot more plants around, but I didn't want to obscure some of the details on the sides of the base. Plus, I was starting to get burned out on making it and just wanted it finished.

I enjoyed making the statue and I learned a lot, but I think I need a break. It was very time consuming and as I said above, I was getting rather burned out. Hopefully for the next challenge, we will just stick to miniatures. 


  1. Looks great Chris! I especially like the painting on the statue; it's surprisingly hard to get a stone look without making terrain look like it was sprayed with dirty water. You nailed it.

    Lizardman looks cool too. Love the detail work on the club and the shadows in the musculature and scales.

  2. Thanks!. Next time I do something like this, I think I will coat the whole thing in a gloss before applying the wash. It might cut down on the darkening of the whole thing.